Who is the TLN?

TLN 10 Core Beliefs

The TLN operates in according to a set of 10 core beliefs:


    1. Education is a social good with the power to transform the lives of individuals and communities. It has a value beyond test data or economic prosperity.
    2. We believe relationships are the foundation of education.
    3. We respect high quality, academic peer reviewed research as central to education and professional development.


    1. We believe teaching is one of the most valuable of all human endeavours.
    2. We believe that teaching is one of the most complex of human endeavours.
    3. We believe that teaching is leading and all teachers have a responsibility to exercise education leadership.
    4. We believe that teachers are the experts in teaching and should be involved in teaching one another.


  1. We seek to contribute to creating workplaces that support the dignity of all those accessing them.
  2. We believe that education is a communal pursuit and education centres should be engaged with their community.
  3. We actively support the role of unions in making a positive contribution to the teaching profession and the education debate