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Who are the people at TLN?

The strategic direction and governance of the TLN is managed by a Committee of Management. In 2020 the office bearers of the Committee of Management are:

  • President: Loretta Cotter, (Deputy Secretary, Independent Education Union Victoria/Tasmania)
  • Vice President: Martel Menz, (Deputy Secretary, Australian Education Union Victoria)
  • Secretary: Erin Aulich, (Branch Secretary, Australian Education Union Victoria)
  • Treasurer: Deb James, (General Secretary, Independent Education Union Victoria/Tasmania)

2020 TLN staff

The day to day operation of the TLN is managed by an Executive Officer and the TLN staff. This staff includes:

Executive Officer
Michael Victory
Michael commenced his career in education as a secondary teacher, working in Catholic schools across New South Wales and Victoria. Michael has worked at the TLN since 2006 and has now completed his PHD.
Business Manager
Rebecca Duke
Rebecca is responsible for the administrative and office procedures at the TLN. Her role incorporates finance and membership records.
CRT Project Manager
Emily Paterson
Director, educator, actor, improvisor, puppeteer, laughter yoga instructor, storyteller and much sought after facilitator.
Systems Manager
Daniel Cohen
With nearly 20 years working in education, Daniel has worked in primary and secondary settings and also has qualifications in Early Childhood education and Adult Training
Learning Designer, Project Officer
Benjamin Pisani
Benjamin has worked in the Government Education Sector for over 15 years. During this time he taught VCE Music Performance, Music Investigation, Music Style and Composition as well as VET Music Industry Skills specialising in Sound Production.
Project Co-ordinator
Kate Chinner
Kate is currently on leave from the TLN.

2020 Online Learning Staff

In addition to TLN staff there are a number of people who work to facilitate the delivery of the TLN online learning program

Online Learning Hosts
  • Jessica Mckay
  • Alesia Smith
  • Dianne O’Dwyer
  • Meaghan Heeremans
Technical Support
  • Harris Langham