TLN members and union members (AEU & IEU)

AEU Victoria and IEU Victoria/Tasmania

The TLN was established by the Australian Education Union Victoria and the Independent Education Union Victoria/Tasmania and continues to be owned by those two unions. The investment in TLN is one element of the unions’ commitment to building the teaching profession.
TLN is committed to professional development which reflects union values and that is evident in the 10 core belief statements that guide the work of the TLN

TLN partners with the unions to provide professional development services for members:

TLN professional development programs are aligned to the shared values of the two education unions:

In our programs we promote the authentic voice of teachers and leaders, by using practising teachers and leaders as presenters of professional development; we seek to build the agency of all teachers and leaders and support staff; and we promote collegiality, collaboration and consultation as essential principles of successful education communities.