Graduate Teachers

The Top 100 Graduate Teacher Program

The Top 100 Graduate Teacher Program is a series of 10 professional development programs, each containing 10 Top Tips for graduate teachers. The program is designed to support graduate teachers in their first year of employment. The program is available across the country and will create an online professional community of graduate teachers. It is only available to graduate teachers who are members of the IEU or AEU.

The 2020 the program includes:

  1. Top 10 moments in your first year – what to expect
  2. Top 10 tips for minimising off-task behaviour
  3. Top 10 tips on formative assessment
  4. Top 10 tips to cater for different ability levels
  5. Top 10 tips for developing students’ literacy skills
  6. Top 10 conversation starters for parent teacher meetings
  7. Top 10 instructional strategies – new ideas for semester two
  8. Top 10 tips for using data in your classroom
  9. Top 10 tips for difficult conversations with your principal
  10. Top 10 tips for job interviews