Professional Historians Association (Vic & Tas) support available to schools

Professional Historians Association is an organisation to contact if teachers need historians for Professional Learning and to support schools.

As part of Children’s Week and History Month in October this year, the Professional Historians Association (Victoria & Tasmania) are providing free lesson plans and videos for primary school children on the craft of letter writing using historical letters written by children. The videos will be presented by qualified and experienced historians who will demonstrate to kids that writing letters is a highly personalised and fun way to connect with friends, especially when children cannot be together in person due to Covid-19. The lessons will be available online from Saturday the 24th of October (the beginning of week four) on the Professional Historians Association website https://www.phavic.org.au/ at the commencement of Children’s Week.

Students will be introduced to a historical perspective on letter writing via videos and an online exhibition. Key aspects of a letter will be highlighted and focus on how to craft a thoughtful letter to a friend, aligning with the theme of Children’s Week: celebrating the right of all children to choose their own friends and safely connect with others. It will include prompts for writing as well as other forms of expression such as drawings, including pressed flowers, and other personalised features. A free to download template will be available from the PHA (Vic & Tas) website.

This activity fits well with many parts of the curriculum, including history:

At the end of Level 6 students…compare the different experiences and perspectives of people in the past…They identify a range of sources and locate and compare information about the origin, content features and the purpose of historical sources. Students describe the historical context of these sources to describe perspectives of people from the past and recognise different points of view


Students’ texts include writing and images to express and develop in some detail experiences, events, information, ideas…They demonstrate understanding of grammar and choose vocabulary and punctuation appropriate to the purpose and context of their writing. They use knowledge letter–sound relationships and high-frequency words to spell words accurately, and can write words with complex consonant and vowel clusters. They reread and edit their writing, checking their work for appropriate vocabulary, structure and meaning. They write using joined letters that are accurately formed and consistent in size.

And Personal and Social Capability:

The Personal and Social Capability curriculum aims to develop knowledge, understandings and skills to enable students to:

. recognise, understand and evaluate the expression of emotions

. demonstrate an awareness of their personal qualities and the factors that contribute to resilience

. develop empathy for and understanding of others and recognise the importance of supporting diversity for a cohesive community

. understand how relationships are developed and use interpersonal skills to establish and maintain respectful relationships

It would be greatly appreciated if you could distribute this email to your members in order to promote this new initiative and help develop literacy and historical skills among our primary school kids.

If you would like to know more about this event, please feel free to ring me on 0437746055 or Kimberley Meagher, PHA (Vic & Tas) Vice-President (Programs) on 0425728256.



Yours sincerely,

Peter Symons

Events Coordinator

Professional Historians Association (Vic & Tas) https://www.phavic.org.au/

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