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Logging in to a live course

When you registered for a course our system sent a confirmation email to you which contained a link and instructions for how to access the session.
If you can no longer find that email contact the TLN for support at [email protected] or 03 94184992.
If you're course is about to start call us over the phone for the quickest response.

Transistion Statement Maker

This software is no longer for sale. If you require support or further information about using your software you can get help by clicking here

Viewing a recording of a live session

You will need to access recordings of live sessions from a desktop or laptop computer.
You are currently unable to view recordings from a mobile device or download recordings for later viewing.

Is the TLN registered with NESA

The TLN was an accredited provider with NESA until November 2020 when NESA ceased accrediting providers. After November 2020 NESA will grant accreditation on a course by course basis. If a course is accredited with NESA then all relevant details about standards and hours are included in the description of each course.

I would like to present with the TLN

TLN is committed to a philosophy of professional development that is ‘by teachers for teachers’. We are always keen to hear from teachers who are doing the core work of education really well, or those who are doing something innovative that they want to share with their colleagues. In selecting people to deliver our program each year we look at the following criteria:

  • We look for people who are classroom teachers to deliver courses on classroom practice
  • We look for educational leaders to deliver courses on leadership
  • We look for teachers and leaders who have earned the respect of their colleagues (e.g. in their current school or EC service, or through publications, or through research and further study)
  • We look for teachers and leaders who have experience in delivering professional development OR who have completed the TLN courses on presenting professional development (link here to the September courses)
  • We look for teachers and leaders who share our commitment to the importance of education unions
If you would like to partner with TLN in preparing and presenting professional development contact Michael Victory at [email protected] You will be encouraged to attend the TLN courses on presenting professional development, to send a brief resume and a few words about the type of courses you would like to contribute to.

I would like to see a sample course

You can access a small selection of courses by clicking the following link.
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