TLN Professional Certificate of Education Leadership

Choose 16 hours of PD from the following list and delivery modes.
Click the links below to register for the live courses. The on-demand modules will be released after 1st March 2017.
Completion of the final module will include listing the courses you completed. This will then be verified and your Certificate will be generated and sent to you.

Live Online Workshops
(2 hours)


Face to Face delivery
(2 hours – Abbotsford, Victoria)

None Scheduled

Live Online Lectures
(1 hour)


On-demand online modules (at your own pace and at your own time)
(1-2 hours)

Introduction to Leadership (2 hour module)

Working as a Year Level Coordinator (2 hour module)

Building relationships with colleagues

Leadership and Management (what is the difference and why does it matter)

Leadership Action Plan and Reflection (Compulsory 3 hour module)
This is to be undertaken as the final course for the the Certificate

This is the final module which will be completed as an online on-demand program in which participants will be asked to reflect on their learning and then develop an action plan for their role in the school.