TLN Staff

Benjamin Pisani
Learning Designer, Project Officer

Benjamin has worked in the Government Education Sector for over 15 years. During this time he taught VCE Music Performance, Music Investigation, Music Style and Composition as well as VET Music Industry Skills specialising in Sound Production. Benjamin has also written and delivered curriculum for year 7-10 music, year 7-8 Digital Technologies and was has worked as a student manager/coordinator. As a leader in the school, working as a Director of Music, School Councillor and Graduate Mentor, Benjamin diversified his skills to cover a wide variety of teaching domains to ensure that his practice, knowledge and skill was not only at effective in his leadership capacity within the school, but also to ensure that the teams he lead and the graduates he mentored had a leader whose skill and knowledge breached the domain where he taught. As an Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Teacher, Benjamin became an expert in the implementation of digital technology into the classroom, the basis for his studies and research paper for his Master’s in Education – School Leadership qualification. Benjamin has presented for the TLN as well as for universities and regional conferences. Benjamin is currently working as a Project officer & Learning Designer for the Teacher Learning Network.