TLN Staff

Daniel Cohen
Systems Manager

Daniel has worked in education for nearly 20 years. He started teaching at Coburg Primary School and then moved to Preston West Primary School. Daniel held a number of leadership roles including IT Co-ordinator and OHS Staff representative. Daniel moved to the Heidelberg Teaching Unit, an alternative setting within the Department of Education and Training. The Unit is designed to work with students who are younger than school leaving age but are disconnected from the school community and experience significant challenges. Daniel commenced at the Teacher Learning Network in 2013. After starting as a course presenter he is now the Systems Manager for the organisation. Throughout his teaching career he has been heavily involved with the AEU as a branch councillor and executive councillor for many years and is a committed unionist. Working for the TLN now is a great opportunity to support the important work of the union and continue to work directly with teachers to help improve educational opportunities for all. Daniel presents programs for TLN members and schools on topics including preventative behaviour management, information technology and student engagement.