TLN Staff

Emily Paterson
CRT Project Manager

Director, educator, actor, improvisor, puppeteer, laughter yoga instructor, storyteller and much sought after facilitator. Emily has been working on and off stage with both professionals and beginners for over 20 years. After studying at Monash University she moved to classroom teaching where she found a passion for working with students with unique needs and found her interest in audience engagement development. Using multiple careers to support each other Emily is currently part of the Transit Dance faculty helping develop students performing arts skills to ensure they create well rounded performers. She runs creative sustainability workshops in schools all over Australia, joins preschoolers to collide storytelling and art throughout popular Melbourne Galleries, delightfully helps people of all ages and abilities find there giggle with laughter yoga classes throughout the wellbeing community and most importantly she organises and facilitates professional development courses for teachers with the Teacher Learning Network.