TLN Presenters 2019

Nichole Jenkins
TLN Presenter

I have been teaching kindergarten for over 10 years. Most of my experience has been with children aged 4-5years but I also have some experience teaching 3 year old kinder and limited experience with children under 3 years. I have worked in range of services including private owned services, community based services and services run by cluster managers. I have worked in both long day care services and sessional kindergarten during my career.
My current role sees me working as Kindergarten Teacher at a sessional committee run kindergarten where I have taken on a range of roles including director. While I have not returned to formal study since completing my degree I have been lucky enough to work with a range of amazing and inspiring teachers in my career and value what I have learn from them. I have always been dedicated to further learning and during my career I have participated in a range of professional development courses and projects through a range of organisations. While I strongly believe in evidence based practice I also feel it’s important for teachers and educators to network and share their practices with others. I personally find my practice is ever changing and that this occurs by knowing my community, stating up to date with research and reflecting on my own practice and challenging myself as a teacher.