TLN Presenters 2019

Tanya Whiteside
TLN Presenter

I have a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, and while working in a Primary School setting went on to do my Master of Education by research. As part of this I wrote a thesis which I titled ‘Thinking Through Play’. I have been teaching for fourteen years in primary schools, and briefly also worked for 6 months in a preschool. Last year I finished another degree, this time a Master of Leadership, yes I love to learn! Over the years I have supported staff at my school to work towards shifting their teaching towards the needs of the 21st century, which is a passion of mine. I have taught all year levels from Foundation, where I began my teaching career, to Grade 6. I am currently a Leading Teacher at my school, where I support the whole staff in the area of engagement. My passions include developing independent and responsible learners who can make strong choices for themselves, developing each student’s capacity to think deeply and to reflect on their own learning, as well as in building growth mindsets. As well as working in a primary school I also work for Swinburne Online University for the past six years where I am an eLearning Advisor (eLA), facilitating the learning, teaching and assessing of adult learners who are studying to become teachers.