Teacher learning Network Privacy Policy

The TLN maintains a policy of strict confidence concerning personal information it obtains. Our privacy policy seeks to comply with the National Privacy Principles of the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act).

In accordance with the provisions of the Act, TLN members and organisations with which TLN has a partnership are advised of the following:


  1. The information collected on course registration forms, applications to join or renew membership and on the database is for the purpose of processing membership applications, completing course registrations and providing a better professional development service to members and individuals from partner organisations.


  2. TLN is committed to secure storage of, and control of access to personal information.


  3. TLN may pass limited information to certain individuals or organisations as follows:
    • Where a course applicant has requested a discounted service available only to members of a union we will certify that the person is a member of the relevant union.
    • Where the person facilitating the course requests information about course participants then limited information will be passed to the facilitator, e.g. for TLN member courses this might extend to whether the person is working in a secondary or primary school or early childhood setting.
    • Where the TLN is working in partnership with another organisation, then information will be supplied to the partner organisation for the relevant purpose, e.g. inviting or confirming registrations for a course.
    • Where our publications are mailed to members by a mailing house or a partner organisation, address labels will be provided on the strict undertaking that the mailing house or partner will not use them for any other purpose.


  4. The TLN may use information supplied by an individual to communicate with them for the following purposes:
    • To communicate information about a course for which they have registered, e.g. course confirmation, course reminder.
    • To communicate information about other TLN programs or activities that may be of interest to a member or colleagues.
    • To follow up on course attendance for the purposes of invoicing or evaluations.
    • To produce, where relevant and where requested, a summary statement of course attendance


  5. The TLN may use information supplied by the TLN school or workplace contact:
    • To communicate information about TLN courses and programs that may be of interest to staff at the workplace.
    • For the purposes of surveying the workplace to gather information about professional development needs and or to evaluate the effectiveness of TLN courses.
    • To communicate with the workplace about issues related to a course attended by a member of the staff or about workplace membership of the TLN, e.g. following up invoice payments


  6. Any person may request to see any personal information held related to their membership of TLN or registration for courses.


  7. Where an option is available to enter information to a website hosted by TLN e.g. Open Discussion Forums. TLN staff will monitor postings and remove inappropriate material, this includes offensive material, education 'advice' which is demonstrably inappropriate and views which directly conflict with the common values of the sponsoring unions. Controversial views which are not deemed inappropriate may be maintained on discussion forums for the purpose of generating debate. Information on discussion forums or other public access areas of the website does not necessarily reflect the views of the TLN or either of the sponsoring unions.