Techniques to reconnect with a disengaged student

What happens when a student in our class becomes disengaged? What is within our control as a teacher to respond to the disengaged student? In this session the presenter will explore some of the common manifestations of disengaged students, some suggestions about why the student might have disengaged, and different approaches, to re-engage the students in the learning community. The key, as with so many behavioural issues, is preventative strategies and then restorative approaches once things have gone awry. This is a course for teachers who believe that all students not only have a right to learn but they want to learn, and that our challenge as teachers is to find ways to connect them to a learning community.

Standards addressed:

  • 1.1.2 Physical social and intellectual development and characteristics of learners
  • 4.1.2 Support participation of learners

Course Length: 1 hour

Presenter: Megan Corcoran


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12/09/2024 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
AUS Eastern Standard Time
Online Meeting in Zoom
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